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Project description

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On 08.07.2011 а consortium of four partners: two from Romania- National  Institute for Research and Development in Electrical Engineering, ICPE-CA, Bucharest (project coordinator) and Naval Academy “Mircea cel Bătrân”, Constanta and two more from Bulgaria – University of Ruse  “Angel Kanchev” and Municipal Energy Agency-Ruse been established in  order to carry out a project, called “ Romanian - Bulgarian joint  cooperation for a long-term and sustainable development of the young  human resources in the field of the renewable energy technologies, in order to overcome the socio-cultural barrier and to open common opportunities for getting a job and their employment along the cross - border area” in the framework of Romania –Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation Programme.

The main purpose of the project is to contribute to the socio-economic sustainable development in the Romanian-Bulgarian cross border region by combining the common ideas and priorities of the cross border region to develop the young human resources and provide conditions for long-term and sustainable economic growth within both sides of the border.

The priorities of the project RES-OP-DEV have been structured in common objectives that envisage partners’ joint activities. The Romanian and the Bulgarian cross border partners bring together human and material resources in order to undertake common activities for completing their purposes, such as:

Common monitoring of the labour market,

Joint development and provision of specific training programs,

Development of joint curricula and courses, as well as staff exchange within the project,

Creating a common strategy for managing and acquiring best project results.


Economic impact:

New possibilities for long-term investments and development in the field of renewable energy technologies in the Romanian –Bulgarian cross border area, as well as attracting young human resources in the region.

Establishing an innovative business environment for a long-term and sustainable development in the cross border zone as a result of strategic partnership between university and knowledge networks, elaborated in the current project

The proposed high quality training programs create opportunities for future international collaboration.

Creating sustainable economic development providing high-quality human resources based on industrial competitiveness and economic growth in the sector.

Social impact:

Providing high level education and training in the cross border area in the field of renewable energy technologies.

Strengthening the cross border links between the academic, research and business environment.

Creating young new–skilled professionals in the cross border area between Bulgaria and Romania.

Upgrading the practical skills and the professional level of young human resources.

Creating new job positions in the cross border area through sustainable economic growth.

Enhanced access of young human resources to the newly-developing labour market of the renewable energy sources.

Decreasing the level of brain drain and the migration effect by enhancing the possibilities for employment of the young and qualified human resources.

Preserving the job positions for the actually employed human resources through raising their level of professional knowledge and skills.

Raising the level of the communicational skills as a result of the bilingual courses, elaborated in this project.

Opening new opportunities for sustainable transnational and cross border cooperation to overcome the socio-cultural barriers and to enhance the trust in each other.

Long-term and sustainable development of the renewable energy technology investments that will positively affect the environmental and social wellbeing of the urban areas.

Environmental impact:

The economic developments in renewable energy technologies can contribute significantly to the energetic security, air quality, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and industrial competitiveness in the cross-border area. The development and use of renewable energy technologies is a real response to the prevention of the natural crisis and to the protection of the natural resources and environment.



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