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Romanian - Bulgarian joint cooperation for a long-term and sustainable development of the young human resources in the field of the renewable energy technologies, in order to overcome the socio-cultural barrier and to open common opportunities for getting a job and their employment along the cross - border area


The research laboratories of INCDIE ICPE-CA are active in the activities of the specific EU programmes of FP7 including the following fields: Renewable Energy Technologies, Conducting Materials; Carbon Materials; Magnetic Materials and Electrical Engineering Applications; Ceramic Materials; Radiation Processed Materials and Luminescence Techniques; Non-conventional Engineering; Dielectric and Ferro-electric Materials; Electrochemical Technologies and Active Anticorrosive Protection; Techniques and Analysis, Industrial Diagnosis and Vibrations Control; Certification of the Environment Management System; Consulting, examination in the assurance of the industrial property protection by patents, marks, industrial drafts and Technology transfer towards SMEs.

INCDIE ICPE-CA promotes and develops applied research, environment friendly, on the national an international level, in the field of Electrical Engineering, for the public private enterprises and for entire society benefit, leading to the social prosperity. Participating in development of technological innovation for its beneficiaries, INCDIE ICPE-CA helps to increase theirs competitiveness at national and international level. The research developed in the frame of national and international RDI Programs were finalized with scientific and technical results. The institute has experience in organizing national and international scientific conferences and workshops with a high impact in the international scientific media.



Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy (MBNA) from Constanta, Romania is an accredited state institution of polytechnic higher education and scientific research that is subordinated to the Ministry of Defense. The MBNA operates according to the Romanian Constitution and the laws that govern the Romanian higher education system and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Academy undertakes the mission to train specialist within the fundamental domains of engineering sciences mainly connected with navy and maritime industry.



Municipal Energy Agency – Ruse” is established in 2001 and is a public benefit Association.

The Agency activity is connected with the following:



University of Ruse

The University of Ruse, named after Angel Kanchev, is situated in a city with a nineteen- century history, a place, where alongside the rich architectural,   industrial and cultural heritage there also live the enterprising national spirit and the deeply rooted European influences. Our university is the successor of the first national higher technical school outside the capital of Bulgaria, established in 1945.
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